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above all,

Better health.

No traditional hair color

Many hairdressers are forced to leave their profession due to health problems. It can be about everything from allergies and eczema to problems with the airways. BRUNS COLOR+ is free of the chemicals that characterize a traditional oxidation color. BRUNS COLOR+ is certified Green Salon. This means that it is safe and secure to use - both for you as a hairdresser and for your customers.

Traditional hair coloring products, so-called oxidation dyes, contain substances that can cause strong allergic reactions, but which are necessary for the color to work. BRUNS COLOR+ is not an oxidation color, but gives at least as lasting results. BRUNS COLOR+ shows that permanent color without oxidation is possible.

Perfume free

BRUNS COLOR+ is unperfumed and can therefore be used by everyone. The color is particularly good for people with sensitive scalps or fragrance allergies. It is a gentle solution that takes into account different needs.

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