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Environmental impact

The salon's environment

Sustainable for people & the environment.

BRUNS COLOR+ is free from traditional chemicals and certified by Grön Salong. The paint contains carefully selected raw materials that are sustainable for both people and the environment. In addition, no oxidizing or bleaching agents are needed in the coloring process, which further reduces the color's environmental impact & the hairdresser's health.

No hazardous waste.

When you use BRUNS COLOR+, you don't have to worry about hazardous waste. No spillage and no leftovers need to be thrown away - instead you collect all the leftover paint in your mixing bottles and use it for future customers. Our paint bottles are also easy to empty of all contents & are made from 100% R-pet (recyclable PET).

Major advantages over oxidation paint.

Compared to a traditional oxidation color, the handling of BRUNS COLOR+ is both easier and better for the environment. Oxidation colors always consist of two components, a liquid and a cream that are mixed, and it always contains both hydrogen peroxide, PPD and Resorcinol or similar. Together, they cannot be sorted at our waste facilities and this often results in the paint being washed down our regular drains or – at best – handed in as hazardous waste.

This process does not exist with BRUNS COLOR+ because you save the color and reuse it, so there is no waste. Which is good for the environment.