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non-toxic permanent hair color


Now we are changing the world, hair by hair.


Forget everything you know about hair color. BRUNS COLOR+ is a revolutionary innovation that turns old truths upside down. It lowers the costs of your salon and helps you increase revenue. It works without oxidation and is certified by Grön Salong. But best of all, it gives a fantastic result!

Advantages of BRUNS color+

  1. Save leftover paint for next customers. You can also sell leftover paint that the customer can use to color growth at home.
  2. Save time & increase your customer base while reducing your wastage and purchases. Simple way to increase income & better profitability.
  3. Free from traditional ingredients. Sustainable for you, your customer and society.
  4. Small paint layer. You no longer need to have large layers of paint. Our colors come ready-mixed, together you can create endless shades.
  5. Shop smoothly through our upcoming portal. There you get a comprehensive solution with color & hair care products in the same order.


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